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Doll Care


At least once a month it is prescribed to hydrate the whole doll with mineral oil to keep the doll like new. Just like washing your doll, you apply infant oil on the front portion of the body and hang tight approx. 2 hours for ingestion and flip the doll over and rehash. Make certain to eliminate child powder first prior to oiling the body. Vaseline can be utilized under high pressure territories, for example, the arm pits, groin, and vagina, which requires approx. 12 hours for ingestion. Vaseline and Nivea creme has a higher mineral oil content than infant oil. For hydrating the whole body, infant oil is the legitimate decision. 


Each doll includes a vaginal flusher. After using the doll, flush the openings with the water siphon we give you. At that point embed a soft cloth in the openings to assimilate the dampness left. If you need to clean the external part, simply wash the sex doll with water and cleanser. Wipe it until it is dry, never utilize a hairdryer since, if you heat the doll beyond 40¬ļC it can begin liquefying. At that point apply some infant powder on the doll’s skin, it will assimilate any stickiness left and improve the touch feeling. To dry the openings, we propose utilizing tampons, one for the mouth and 2 for the vagina (behind one another) and 2 for the butt opening (behind one another). Tampons are a lot simpler to embed, dousing off the dampness, and can be handily removed with the strip. The tampons are dousing off the vast majority of the sperm-lube blend. That permits you to move the doll without the dread that something exits. You can eliminate the tampons following a couple of moments.¬†¬†


It is not recommended to at any point, take your doll to the washroom to wash. We really dislike this technique for washing your doll. To clean your doll, all you need is one spray bottle, infant powder, and a cosmetics brush. Spot your doll on a level plane on a level surface, for example, a bed or delicate froth cushion. Utilizing the spray bottle, make a delicate cleanser blend and blend.

Utilize an unfilled container and make a combination of ordinary hand cleanser/shower gel and typical water in a proportion of 1:5.

You will wash the front portion of her body now. Shower her front half and wipe utilizing a delicate wipe or material, do this until her middle, arms, and legs have been cleaned. Dry her with a microfiber towel and afterwards, powder her to eliminate the shabby inclination to get the smooth skin feeling. We unequivocally prescribe to administer the child powder or cornstarch into a little holder so it is simple access and utilize the cosmetics brush to apply everywhere on the parts you just cleaned her at. When you are done, flip her over and rehash the interaction to her back.

Once you have washed off the doll with water and cleanser there can, in any case, be stains and more tenacious soil left on the TPE, which isn’t in every case entirely recognizable to the eye contingent upon light and the skin shade of the doll. You can dispose of the majority of this by stroking infant oil more than once, the same way along each body part in turn, and you’ll rapidly see how dirt is gathered before the finish of the strokes.¬†Basically¬†get that soil with a fiber towel and rehash until it looks adequately clean. Subsequent to cleaning the entire doll this way, you can keep focusing on it all again with infant oil and let it douse.¬†


Garments with darker tones may stain the skin of the doll, especially in the event that they are new. Attempt to utilize lighter tones in every case. On the off chance that you need to utilize darker shaded garments and they are new, you should wash them prior to dressing the doll with them. 


We prescribe to utilize water based oil for sex with your doll. Yet, there is a few who favor it without. Simply choose for yourself. It is protected to utilize Vaseline or infant oil for lube elective as well. On the off chance that you need to utilize normal lube, ensure it is water-based and not silicone-based in light of the fact that it could harm the TPE material. 


The primary day of your TPE doll is the main day. Wash the doll with and afterward apply some infant powder. They say conventional child powder can be undesirable for the respiratory danger that the powder presents, so you can utilize likewise cornstarch. Cornstarch is non poisonous and food grade. Safe to yourself, the doll or the climate.

Be extra cautious while unpacking your doll. In the event that you utilize any instrument to open the case, be extra cautious when cutting the cardboard box. Make sure you are prepared for the heaviness of your doll before you lift the doll, ensure your back is straight and fix your core. Place your arm around her back and the other under her legs which ought to be bowed. Keep her arms straight and on top of her thighs while moving, make space and move any outing dangers. A stunt is to utilize an office seat with wheels to move her around. Shower her to eliminate compound smell at that point fan dry and completely powder. No reason to take her to the restroom, just with a wet material, move¬†it’s¬†appendages with your other hand holding a joint, for instance, hold elbow when moving lower arm, secure her legs with stockings or pantyhose, this evades cuts, checks, and makes getting garments on simpler when putting on the hairpiece. Be mindful so as not to put lash over the ears. Utilize some lube for sex and wash any new garments you put on your¬†doll,¬†nobody likes stains.¬†



Rubbing alcohol, alcohol diminished with water and items containing a ton of alcohol like child wipes, disinfection wipes, showers and cleansers, toy cleaners, and so forth.
Alcohol creates miniature cuts, dry out, and impact the inside of the TPE structure.
Do not put perfume or cologne on your doll. Just on attire and/or hairpiece before you put them on your doll. 


All sorts of single solvents and dissolvable mixtures like mineral spirits, unscented mineral spirits, acetone, nitro-more slender, and items containing solvents like alcohol free child wipes (incorporates ether as well as chlorine rather than alcohol) and so forth Solvents are causing a dissolving interaction inside the TPE structure, are annihilating the block copolymers and therewith they are amazingly destructive for TPE. Just authority fix solvents for TPE dolls and their distinctive TPE mixes, gave from the merchants, are permitted concurring their maintenance manuals/recordings and proposals from the sellers and makers. 


Items containing vegetable oil, as crèmes, cleansers, give gels coconut oil, fruity oils, and so forth.
Vegetable oils are sealing the TPE surface and the fundamental breathing capacity of TPE is halted. 


Items like wet condoms and silicone-based lube.
Silicone oil impacts the TPE construction and makes it harder, broken, and fragile.
Likewise a contracting cycle of the TPE can occur. 



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