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Doll Pimp is an authorized retailer of the top Silicone & TPE love dolls in the industry. Partnering with the top manufacturers to provide our customers with the highest quality authentic love dolls.

All of our dolls in stock have come directly from their manufacturer. Each WM doll includes an Anti-Fake code inside the box that can be verified on its manufacturer’s website to prove its authenticity and reliability.

Now days, there are more retailers online that are selling and/or manufacturing fake/counterfeit dolls and selling them to the public at a very low cost. They are also using the images of the doll from the original manufacturing company’s website and baiting people into thinking they are coming across an amazing deal. By the time the customer realized what they have purchased, it is already too late.

Below we have examples you can see.

The saying “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR” couldn’t be more true.