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Is DollPimp.com legit?

Yes! DollPimp.com is verified and authorized by all of the manufacturers whose products we sell on our website. You can also find DollPimp.com in the "Authorized Vendor" section of all manufacturers' official websites. DollPimp.com only partners with brands that provide and manufacturer authentic sex dolls.


Why should I buy from DollPimp.com?

DollPimp.com is a verified and authorized retailer of all major sex doll brands in the industry. We are very well known by and communicate daily with all of the top manufacturers in the business.

DollPimp.com is based in the United States and we speak 100% fluent English as our language. (Translation available for other languages if needed)

When you order from DollPimp.com, you will have 100% transparent communication in the order and delivery process every step of the way.

We pride ourselves in our #1 Ranked Customer Service in the sex doll industry. We do not treat our customers as a number, we value each and every customer every time!

Many sex doll websites do not even respond to one question from a customer. DollPimp.com will promptly and quickly answer every question before and after you place your order.

You will rest easy and be comfortable knowing that DollPimp.com is always there when you need us.

Since DollPimp.com is an authorized retailer of authentic sex dolls, our customers do not worry about receiving a fake counterfeit product when their order is delivered. There are more fraudulent retailers in the sex doll business today than there are legit retailers. Do not risk your time and money with a website who is not verified and authorized like DollPimp.com

You can visit the official website of any top sex doll manufacturer in the business and you will find DollPimp.com in their list of authorized vendors. This is proof that DollPimp.com is legit and a preferred vendor from the manufacturer.

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time at [email protected] or our website chat below.


What happens after I place my order?​

Once your order is placed, we will begin processing your payment. Once payment processing is completed, manufacturing of your order will begin. The manufacturing wait times can vary, depending on how many orders are ahead of yours and what season the order is placed.

The majority of the time, you can expect your order to be fully built within 7-21 business days.

*Orders can not be modified once manufacturing begins and/or ends*

Once your order has completed the buidling stage, photos/videos will be taken of your order and emailed to you from our main email, [email protected]. It is extremely rare that the completed build will have mistakes or incorrect features from what your order included.

If there is any issues with your order in the photos/videos you receive, you will have 24 hours to respond to the email with a request for correction. Otherwise, a response is not required.

Once 24 hours have passed from the sending of the photos/videos, shipping of your order will be arranged.

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive the tracking number of the shipment via email from [email protected] so that you can track where your order is and when it will deliver.

Shipping times can also vary, depending on season and how busy the shipment carrier is at the time. The shipment will almost always be delivered by FedEx or UPS within 5-10 days. (Worldwide shipping is available)

Once your order is delivered, please inspect and enjoy!

In the very rare event, that something is incorrect in your delivered order, you will have 24 hours from the delivery time and day to contact us immediately for corrections to be made.


Do you price match?

Yes! If you would like to purchase a doll from us that you have seen on another website for a better price, let us know!

The other store must be a legit, verified, and authorized vendor of the doll's manufacturer. There are way too many fraudulent stores/websites in the industry that showcase products on their website and then deliver you something completely different. That is usually the reason for their lower price.

DollPimp.com is an authorized authentic doll vendor. We can match and in some cases beat another website's price.

Please show us the doll you would like price matched in our website chat below or at [email protected]

Please make sure to also provide the best email address that we can respond to you at so we can help you with the order.


Is there a guide to owning sex dolls?

Yes! DollPimp.com has provided a free guide available to all customers that is filled with information on how to care for and maintain your sex doll properly for long term use and ownership.

This guide also answers many more questions on how sex dolls are built and the differences in body part options.

Go to our blog page for all the information you need: https://dollpimp.com/blog/


Does DollPimp.com have a warehouse in the United States?

Yes! DollPimp.com has a warehouse in the USA and inventory is constantly changing. 

We typically restock the inventory once per month.

These are the most popular dolls that we sell so once they are in stock, they sell out quickly.

Shipping from this warehouse is ONLY available for the lower 48 United States. No shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or anywhere else.


Do you deliver to my country?

DollPimp.com is able to process and ship orders worldwide. You must make sure that our products will be cleared through customs in your country. Western countries and many European countries allow sex dolls to be delivered in their country.

Our shipments are made from multiple locations, depending on your order requirements. 

We have shipments that can be sent from the United States, Europe, China, and Japan. If you are not located within any of those regions, we can still ship products to your country, as long as they will clear the customs process in your country.

Certain countries do not allow sex toys or sex dolls to be purchased or shipped into their country, make sure your country is ok with sex dolls. If you are unsure, you can ask us in the website chat below or email us at [email protected]

If you live outside of the United States and are receiving an international shipment, there is a possibility that customs in your country may want to collect an import duty tax for your shipment. Sometimes this is not the case, but if it is required, you will get an email or phone call from customs in your country to pay the duty tax before delivery. Refusing to do so, will not make you eligible for a refund for your order.

What are standing feet?

Standing feet for TPE dolls have 3 bolts on the bottom of each foot. These bolts make it easier to stand up your doll when you choose to do so. Some people prefer to have them on every order but some prefer non standing feet because the 3 bolts at the bottom of the feet make them look less realistic.

Standing feet for Silicone dolls have multiple options. Advancements have been made where most silicone doll manufacturers have an option to have standing feet, without the 3 metal bolts at the bottom of each foot. This technology allows the silicone dolls to stand without bolts because there is a skeleton inside of each shin and/or ankle that provides support for the body to stand, similar to humans.


I want to buy from DollPimp.com but do not see the doll I want on your website.

If you have a specific doll that you have seen on another website that you want to purchase, but do not see it on DollPimp.com, contact us on our website chat below or at [email protected]

We are a preferred vendor from all of the top manufacturers in the sex doll industry. When you contact us, we will help you find your preferred doll on our website.

In the rare event that the doll you would like to order is actually not shown on our website, there is a very good chance that the doll is still available for purchase from us and we will still be able to get the order placed for you.


Why did my payment decline?

Reasons that a payment you tried making could decline:

1 - You have not purchased from DollPimp.com before and your bank or credit card company wants to make sure you are the actual person attempting this charge.

This is more common now days, especially during the holiday season because of how many people in the general population make fraudulent transactions. So your bank just wants to be safe with your money.

How to fix: Check your email or text messages for a message from your bank asking you to confirm the purchase for the amount of the transaction on our website.

If you do not have a message in your texts or email then contact the 800 number on the back of your card and ask to speak to a representative. Confirm the attempt to purchase with them and once they allow the purchase to be made, make sure to keep them on the phone until your 2nd attempt to make payment is successful.

2 - You have insufficient funds on the debit or credit card you tried using for the payment.

How to fix: You can use a different card that has the amount or more than the amount of your transaction cost.

You could also add enough funds to your card that was declined to make sure the full cost of the transaction is covered.

You could also contact a friend or family member and ask to borrow their card for payment.


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