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At, we offer FREE and DISCREET shipping on all of our products. There is never any labels or words on the box that explain what is inside. Our goal is to help maintain all of our customers’ privacy and we take this very seriously. Another goal of ours is to have your purchase delivered as soon as possible! To ensure this, we start preparing your order 24 hours after your order is confirmed. Most of our products are built to order. This also allows for you to customize parts of your doll when placing your order.  

On custom orders, you will be receiving photos of your order by email before it ships. This is to provide proof that your order has been processed just the way you wanted. Response to the email is not required and your order will typically ship within 24 hours from the photos being sent to you.

  The average time from a product being purchased to being prepared and then being delivered is 7 to 25 days. Some exceptions may apply to those days. We also have product page that features dolls that ship from within the United States for our customers in the United States and a product page that features dolls that ship from within Europe for our European customers. You can access these sections from the flyers on our home page or from the links in our menu at the top and bottom of our website. When purchasing from these sections, please be aware that we do not offer custom options on the doll as we do on others. The average time for these products being delivered is 2 to 5 business days and the selection of these dolls continues to grow as well. The reason for this option is our continued commitment to delivering your order as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your purchase right away.