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How Sex Dolls are Made

Many people are obsessed with the perfect doll, but most people have no idea how the doll is made. This article takes you inside the doll factory to see how the perfect doll is born.

1. Make the Skeleton

According to the skeleton structure of the human body, a strong sense of thick steel skeleton is used to complete the upper and lower body. The joints of the bones are connected by gears, which rotate flexibly and ensure maximum movement of the skeleton.

As one of the most important structures of the human body, the perfection of the doll can only be guaranteed if the foundation is laid. The doll’s skeleton is all assembled by hand, and each skeleton is invested with much attention from the manufacturer.

2. Mechanical Assembly

The upper body and the lower body are assembled to form a complete mechanical skeleton structure to simulate the normal walking of the human body. However, the present mechanical structure cannot satisfy the overly complicated body movements.

The top manufacturers use the high-end EVO skeleton to allow for more shoulder movements. The shoulders are the โ€œexpressionโ€ of the other body languages. A doll that shrugs can look more realistic.

3. Skeleton Installation

According to the customerโ€™s different height and figure requirements, the skeleton will be placed in the specified mold. The bone is carefully fixed in the center of the die plate with wire to prevent movement. To prevent the liquid TPE from freezing and preventing joint movement.

In addition to holding the body in the center, the fingers should be handled more carefully. Then nail the mold, and then wind the fine thread between the nail and the mold, one by one around each finger, so that the finger bone is in the middle of the palm.

4. Fold the Mold

After the bones are fixed, another piece of the mold is merged and bound together.ย The machine heats the TPE and the liquid TPE is poured back into the mold from the head.

After TPE solidifies, remove the mold. Before moving on to the next stage, the newly formed body will be put into a bucket and rinse the dirt out, to keep the doll clean and to make the rest of the process smoother.

5. Trim the Body

Because molds cannot be properly closed together, small amounts of fluid will remain at the edges or openings of the body, such as the finger or lower body, and solidify to form a connection. Tailoring is only the first step in body care. The rough edges then need to be properly dissolved with an electric bar to make the skin transition more naturally and smoother.

In order to have perfect skin, every little blemish needs to be filled in. Scratches and blemishes on the skin are heated locally and pressed with sandpaper to make them smooth.

When asked how long it would take to finish a doll, the repairman replied: “A day would be nice.” To make sure the doll is perfect, a body repair job often takes a day or more, a job that requires care and patience.

6. Clean Up and Powder

After trimming the body, the manufacturer needs to wash out stains or chemicals that have just been heated to make the doll cleaner and safer. The process of bathing goes through three steps: washing, drying, and high-pressure air drying. The perfect fresh doll will soon come out of the oven!

After drying the wet body under high pressure, apply a powder to care for the body, and prevent oil from escaping. By this time, the doll is nearing the end of its body repair.

7. Manicure and Hair Transplant

Meeting the different needs of different customers. Customizations and customer requirements for the unique doll can be detailed to the extent of hair thinning or the extent of hair (on head or body).

8. Makeup

Facial makeup varies according to the character. Specific makeup includes eyebrows, eye makeup, blush, lipstick, and shadow highlights. The body parts makeup include the areola and the lower body.

Makeup also offers customized services. Meticulous to the size and color of the areola, and the vagina color, professional makeup artists will be a specialized process to satisfy every customerโ€™s needs.

9. Hang Up

The finished body will be hung up and the doll will be covered with a plastic bag to prevent dust. This is basically the whole process of making a sex doll. Each doll is a meticulously carved work of art, she deserves to be cherished and loved by people.

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