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Should You Buy A Torso?

There are several types of sex doll torsos on the market today. Love doll torsos (with body and head but no limbs), asses, and legs (lower body only). The beauty of the torso is that she captures and amplifies the point of sexual allure that you are obsessed with very precisely. For example, some people have a special affinity for legs or a big ass, and the love doll torso amplifies these characteristics and makes a product specifically for you so that you can enjoy perfect sex with precision.

Why do you need a sex doll torso?

Sex dolls torsosย would be a great choice when faced with the storage, price, and weight of realistic lifelike sex dolls. Compared to a full sex doll, the torso effectively takes up less storage space and weighs much less than a full sex doll. All this assumes that you can enjoy the pleasure of sex equally well.

If you lack storage space or are on a budget but are keen to enjoy sex, our leg and torso sex dolls have the perfect solution for you.

To summarize

Easy storage
Good price
Soft material
Easy to clean
Lighter weight
Various body position


Not realistic enough

How do Torso Sex Dolls feel like?

The original reason for the invention of the sex doll or sex doll torso was precisely to find a real human replacement. In order to replicate the tactile sensation of intercourse with a human being and to allow people to have realistic intercourse without the need for another human being, the materials of TPE and silicone were created. When you touch a sex doll made of these materials, you feel like you are touching a real person.

In fact a sex doll torso is a condensed version of a complete sex doll. You can use it for oral sex and intercourse. Yes, torso dolls actually achieve the same realistic touch during use. But the disadvantage ofย the sex doll torsosย compared to theย sex dollย is that she may not offer realism in appearance, after all he is not exactly the same as a real person.

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